Out and About in Furness Vale.

Bank End Bridge.

Bangs Bridge, Furness Vale. At rear right are Beardwood Farm and Lady Pit colliery with its chimney.

Station Road Furness Vale


Homes in Furness Vale.

Yeardsley Lane the house on the right today Furness Club

Bridge Montt

Fom a postcard "Furness Vale Pearson's House".

Furness Vale - Birch Wood

Bridge Montt

Events in Furness Vale.

Furness Vale First Bus from Stockport

Ooop's at Yeardsley Lane Buxton Road junction.

Employment and Business in Furness Vale.

Furness Vale Post Office.

A high detail scan Bennett Hardware Furness Vale.

Furness Vale Coop corner of Yeardsley Lane.

People in Furness Vale.

Bridge Montt

Third from lright in above picture.

Furness Vale School.

Body language Furness Vale School

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