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Thornsett Band outside Aspenshaw Hall c.1910 Arnold Ashworth 2nd from left middle row: Henry Thomason on right of back row: Joe Storer (later conductor) on left of second row.

Thornsett Band. - Circa 1920
Joseph Weston, at front right by the drum.
Back row: Jess Howard in trilby, Albert Arnfield, A Barber, F Baxter, Syd Wild, A Tinsley, A Harrop, H Bowden, S Bagshawe, T Bush, W Dunne, F Barber, H Swift, C Wyatt, G Swift Middle row: Joe C Favell, A Ollerenshaw, R Sides, S Ashworth,
H Sharkett, J Jackson, J Thorpe, T Swift Front row: Harold Bridge, Joe Weston

The original Thornsett Bandroom...From the Donald Ibbotson Collection..

Thornsett Silver Prize Band outside bandroom. c1930

Back row: A Tinsley S Bagshaw Syd Wild NK J Burton A Harrop
Middle: C McNee H Swift C Wyatt Mr Tinsley from Whaley Bridge B Jackson
Front: Squire Ashworth (drummer), Tom Swift J Grace H Sharkett Joe Storer
D Trickett J. Jackson Mr Harrop from Whaley Bridge Two boys on front: H Burton
? Robinson


Birch Vale Terrace.

Aspenshaw Road see image below same cottages,...From the Donald Ibbotson Collection..

The junction of Thornsett and Aspenshaw Road.,...From the Donald Ibbotson Collection..

Thornsett, bottom of Sitch Lane - 1905
The building on the corner between the two roads is Thornsett Primitive Methodist Chapel, built in 1867 at a cost of £2,900.

Thornsett with a little winter snow...From the Donald Ibbotson Collection..

Aspenshaw Cottages, Doctor's End, Thornsett

Spinner Bottom Wakes Week 1904.

Junction of Aspenshaw Road and Briargrove Road, c.1921

Bank Head Farmhouse Birch Vale. c.1909

Lower Noon Sun Birch Vale

Tanpits Farm, Whitle. c.1970 With Thornsett in background.

Terraced Houses at Spinner Bottom

Crescent Row Spinner Bpttom Birch Vale.



Birch Vale station entrance.

After the railway was out of use, the bridge at Birch Vale.

Freight train on Hayfield line. New Mills signal box on right.
Industrial premises - site of Dilworth and Morris - on left. St George's Road bridge and bridge near Wesleyan graveyard beyond.

Birch Vale Station Staff.

Birch Vale Station.

Birch Vale Station


J Hadfield Ltd's Leyland Motor Lorry loaded with cloth. Probably in Manchester.
Hadfield's works were at Birch Vale and Chinley.

J. J. Hadfield vehicle outside Robin Hood Hotel in High Lane. Drivers Herbert Courtenay (right) and Bill Wyatt (left)

Birch Vale Printworks and Crescent Row - The station on the right.

Birch Vale Printworks. c.1920

Bate Mill Bleach Works, Thornsett.

Workmen at Bate Mill Bleach Works. c.1908
From left: Joseph Wild , boy at front is Arnold Hill aged 13/14, man with hands on hips is Philip Marchington, the man with white beard at centre rear is Peter Williamson died June 1919 aged 68 years. Other names include Bagshaw and Marsh.

The Boiler House Gang Bate Mill c.1930 - Image Philip Marchington

Inside Bate Mill bleachworks. Workers at benches packing hanks of cotton after bleaching. c1895
Man on left is Henry Thomason (grandfather of born 1863, came to New Mills to work at Bate Mill 1884 died 1928. Man 2nd from left is Thomas Wyatt

Workpeople of Birch Vale Printworks c.1905

Mrs Clayton, landlady at the Printers Arms, is 4th from left on back row. The Riley sisters are 1st and 2nd from right on back row. Mrs Duckworth is 3rd from right in middle row. Mrs White (nee Gould) is at right on front row.

Outside the pay-office at Birch Vale Printworks

Birch Vale Printworks workers 1900,

Retiring employees, each with a clock, at Birch Vale Printworks. In the background Spinnerbottom and Crescent Row. Birch Vale - March 1948

Birch Vale Lodges - Hayfield in the distance.

Watford Bridge Engraving Works Studio Staff.


Thornsett School - High Walls Farm at the top of the hill.

Thornsett School, headmaster Mr Frith. 1899

Thornsett School pupils 1932 - 1933,...From the Donald Ibbotson Collection..

Thornsett School 1900's.


Fred Ibbotson Age 24 and Elsie Nichols age 23 - September 1915

Elsie Nichols Age 23 1913


Fred Ibbotson

Fred Ibbotson

Elsie Nichols 1908 age 19

Elsie and Fred

Fred Ibbotson RAMC.

Fred was born on 28/11/1890 in Birch Vale, Died 26/03/1974, worked all his life at the CPA Birch Vale.
Elsie Ibbotson (nee Nichols) born Chapel 20/10/1891, married Fred 29/08/1923 at St Georges New Mills, Died 22/11/1974.
Both Fred and Elsie are buried at St Georges.
These fine pictures are from Donald Ibbotson's collection, his son.

The New Inn located just below the Printers Arms on the hill....From the Donald Ibbotson Collection..

The Printers Arms,...From the Donald Ibbotson Collection..

Thornsett Football Team c.1917-1918

Back row: A Woodhouse Tom Wyatt Bill Garner Middle row: Joe C Favell
A Ollerenshaw A Tinsley Arnold Garside Front row: Syd Wild Gilbert Mason John Robinson Alf Collins N Keelin

Wedding of Miss Elsie Naden to Mr Edwin Law. 22 July 1933 Photo taken at Ravensleach. Wedding couple at centre.

Elsie Naden (born 14 Aug 1908) was daughter of Mr and Mrs Samuel Naden of Ravensleach, Birch Vale. Edwin Law (born 9 Feb 1906) was the only son of the late Mr and Mrs Joseph Law. He lived at 25 The Crescent, Birch Vale. The couple emigrated to Adelaide, Australia, on 21 Sep 1973. Gentleman on left is Samuel Naden, bride's father. In front of him is Lois Waterhouse. The other man is William Hyde. The other lady is Phyllis Walker.

Boy at front centre with sailor suit is Bill Jackson. Sitting at front right Florrie Melling who became Mrs Ross fenton. Boy seated 3rd from right at front - dark clothes and large white collar is Leslie Wyne. Boy with no hat to front of sailor is Louis Blick seated front right with baby on lap is Mrs Howard. Directly behind Louis Blick is Mary Coverley. Second right from Mary Coverley with lacy white hat is Sarah Ellen Goddard. The two girls to her right are Lily and Lizzie Rowcroft. To left and slightly behind Mary Coverley with brimmed hat and long dark hair is Hilda Hill who became Mrs Mason. Old lady in black with black hat about fourth from left in second row from back is Mrs Wharmby. To her left is Marion Clayton.To her left is Miss Hibbert. To her left with dark jacket over white blouse with lacy collar is ? Blick. In front of Miss Hibbert is Dorothy Blick. To right of Mrs Wharmby at very back is Ada Beardwood. To her right is Mr Frank Hobson. Second to his right is Mrs Hobson. To right of Mrs Wharmby at her level is Susan Howard. To her right at a lower level is Beth Ratcliffe. Old lady with grey blouse behind Sarah Goddard is Mrs Redfern. To her right with white blouse is Mrs Bridge. At back between Mrs Redfern and Mrs Bridge is Mrs Ramwell. At front and slightly to left of Mrs Redferm is Mrs Blick. On right of second row from front above Florrie Melling is Dennis Hobson. To his left and slightly higher is Stanley Hobson his brother. Behind Stanley is Mrs Courtenay and to her left Miss Courtenay.

Isaac Hill, born March 1860, and his wife Annie, born 1870. Outside their general shop at the top of the hill in Thornsett. c1900

Outside Mr Porritt's House on Oven Hill Birch Vale - See Hayfield page.

Milk in the snow on Shiloh Road near to the entrance to Briargrove Slack Farm, c.1947

The Coachman Watfrord House - John Watson

Wedding party outside Thornsett Primitive Methodist Church. Groom, Joseph E Wyatt, for many years manager of Hunters Tea Stores in Market Street New Mills. Bride, Miss Martha Liddiard. - 1907

St Luke's Church, Birch Vale the Sycamore on the left..

Watford Bridge Bowling Club (at Bate Mill?) c.1900

Front row left to right: Eli Marsland, Bill Dart, Mr Taylor, Mr Harrop junior, Joe Radcliffe, Grant Arnfield, ?, ?, ?, ?. Second row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Mr Hunter (manager at Campbells), Mr Cookson (manager of Campbells), Mr Campbell (owner of the engineering works), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. Third row: not known. Fourth row: First eight not known, man in bowler hat in front of door is Sergeant Moore, Mr Harrop senior, ?, ?, Joe Weston, Charlie Lawton, ?. Standing at back with no hat is Jack Grindle.

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